STRIVERS Running Club for Girls

We are an exclusive “running club” for girls. The entire focus of our program is on building a solid foundation for a healthy, lifetime habit of running while developing self-esteem and confidence.


Our Mission

The mission of the STRIVERS Running Club for Girls is to develop a strong, confident, athletic, and community-loyal young woman. This is achieved through the process of training and completing a 5k Road Race within a supportive team environment.


Who are the STRIVERS?

The STRIVERS program is designed for 5th through 8th grade girls. Members become runners, experience the sense of accomplishment when they successfully complete a 5k, and learn the power that runners can bring to a community when they work together.


What you can expect from STRIVERS

The STRIVERS Running Club for Girls program encompasses not only running, but exposing the girls to renowned speakers (including Joan Benoit Samuelson, Uta Pippig, Dara Torres, and World Marathon Challenge Winner Becca Pizzi), author-led discussion groups, and providing them with community leadership opportunities.


STRIVER Community Events

Contributing to our community in a positive and healthy driven way is paramount to the STRIVERS Running Club for Girls. We continue to support local organizations with our own fundraising efforts and awareness projects.


What We’re All About

Athletic Confidence

We STRIVE for athletic confidence through non-competitive workouts designed to gradually and safely build endurance to run or walk the 5k race distance. Training is done within a supportive team environment that fosters friendship and camaraderie.

Personal Growth

We STRIVE for personal growth by attending motivational speaking presentations, nutrition seminars, author-led discussion groups and bringing world class athletes to speak with our teams. This allows your daughters to strengthen their social skills, confidence and self esteem as young ladies.

Community Leadership

We STRIVE for community leadership by reaching outside of ourselves and positively impacting the community we live in. As a civic-minded organization, Strivers Running Club for Girls works with local non-profits to help raise money and awareness for numerous causes.

Our Programs

While the ultimate goal is crossing the finish line, your daughter’s success comes through the training over the 6 week period. We are helping girls to develop confidence and self esteem that transcends into all other aspect of their lives. Our core program is built upon participation in:


STRIVERS participate in local 5k races that are family friendly. The 5k distance is ideal for young runners as it combines the development of endurance, speed, and strength. Running also helps our young girls gain wellness in body, mind, and spirit.

Cross Training

All athletes realize the importance of cross-training. With cross-training runners can improve strength, agility and balance. Cross training aids in overall fitness, injury prevention, enhanced mobility and is FUN!

Team Building

STRIVERS incorporates elements of personal growth and community leadership in a way that builds teamwork and strengthens character. We choose activities, presentations, and community service projects that help your daughter to reach her personal goals and strengthen her social skills.

How can I involve my daughter in
STRIVERS Running Club for Girls?