The STRIVERS dedicated the second spring 5k road race to .  This organization’s was created in honor of Betty Robinson and the mission is to inspire and support young female athletes’ competitive efforts as they reach beyond barriers. Our STRIVERS had the opportunity to meet Betty Robinson’s granddaughter who shared Betty’s story of resilience with us at the beginning of the season. We successfully raised $500 for this foundation.


The STRIVERS dedicated their first spring 5k road race to  NEADS is an organization that trains world class service dogs for many purposes. Our STRIVERS had the opportunity to meet Nala (who is a NEADS graduate) at the beginning of the season.  The team raised well over $500 to help with the purchase of dog for the Framingham School District.


The STRIVERS fall season culminates in two amazing 5k road races. First, our local Doug Flutie 5k that raises funds for the the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation to support families with autism.  The second race is Bill’s Pizzeria 5k held in Newton that benefits the Travis Roy Foundation.  STRIVERS won largest team in both races!


We tried something new for the teams and it was a huge success!  Our girls experienced a morning of photography followed by yoga with Tara Morris of The Love Offensive. In a two hour workshop, the girls worked on getting their body and mind strong, hopeful, and free so they could leave ready to uplift each other!


Ashley Bade, a Registered Dietitian, from Growing Girl Power came to speak with our teams. We had a fun and interactive session where the girls learned about food”tudes” and how to smartly fuel before, during and after practice to maximize their performance and health benefits.


Our Spring season was a very wet and cold season and yet our teams were positive and hard-working at all times. We then had the honor of running in two races that are both dedicated to young females who sadly lost their lives far too young. The Elizabeth Schickel Run Like a Maverick 5k and the Susan McDonnell Run fro Lovelane 5k


Every Halloween the team looks forward to ending our fall season with Bill’s Pizzeria 5k in Newton.  This amazingly well organzied and fun race is a blast and meeting Travis Roy every year makes it that much more special!


The STRIVERS ran in Weston on June 12th as they took part in the Susan McDaniel run for LOVElane. This amazing organization treats children with disabilities with therapeutic horseback riding. While a hilly course, it’s always a team favorite.