“Their hopes and dreams have been channeled into running and I was mesmerized by what the team is achieving.”

– Uta Pippig, three time Boston Marathon Winner

“The STRIVER program is without a doubt the most well thought out, balanced and positive program for girls I know about. You have created a unique program that offers an opportunity to girls of all abilities to participate and be successful all while instilling in them the importance of supporting each other and giving back to their community. Being a STRIVER has been an exceptional, empowering and fun experience for Bella.”

– Judy-ann Bert, parent

“Strivers Running Club for Girls is a fantastic club that helps improve the athleticism, values, and friendships of all the girls who are touched by this wonderful organization. At first, I joined to improve my soccer game, but soon realized that the Strivers Running Club is so much more than a jogging group. By incorporating fun group activities, charity work, and all types of training and team bonding, the coaches promoted healthy living, strong friendships, and enforced the message of helping those in need. By running races for the Doug Flutie Jr. Autism Foundation, the fundraiser “Run/Walk One for The ONE Fund”, Lovelane, a therapeutic program in which children with special needs horseback ride, and participating in numerous other runs for charity, I have learned to appreciate what is given to me and to help others with enthusiasm.”

– Madeleine Verity, STRIVER Alumni

“Strivers is so much more than a running club. Yes, the coaches teach fundamentals, but the lessons extend to healthy lifestyles, community, philanthropy, personal achievement and non-competitive team camaraderie. There is a wonderful balance of instruction, challenge and encouragement. At a time in life when poor self esteem is peaking, this program develops confidence in girls by working with them to set achievable goals and celebrates each of their personal successes. In the words of Peter Pan, “The moment you doubt you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” Strivers teaches girls to fly!”

– Mary McCarthy, parent

“I consider myself blessed to have Strivers Running Club in Natick . Colleen is truly great coach one of those hard to come by. She is full of love and passion about the work she is doing. She trains kids like her own and treats them equally valuable. My daughter has been running with Strivers for two years. It is the only activity my daughter never refused to attend. I was truly impressed by Coach Colleen and Couch Kathy’s support when we missed the 5k run. Thank you for giving my daughter the unexpected gift of assistance at that day. Not only did it make her day but, also challenged me to do my best for others.”

– Aysen, parent

“22:53 new PR for Miss Emma yesterday! Thank you for all that you taught her last session, she’s in love with running & she’s on top of the world. Strivers is such an amazing program, in 2 sessions it gave Emma such a great knowledge of running & it really helped build her self confidence, thanks for everything.”

– Vin Forde, dad of a STRIVER

“We can’t praise enough the work Colleen and Kathy do with STRIVERS. They are absolutely fantastic! From the confidence and encouragement they offer to the tips and information they supply, the work these coaches do transforms these young girls in 6 short weeks. It is amazing the results they achieve. Our daughter is not a natural athlete nor is she very confident in herself. During the first week of training she struggled to run 1/2 mile. During the course of her training, we witnessed her running improving on the softball field. When she finished her mock 5k the week before the race, our daughter was so happy and proud of herself. When we asked her how it was, with a big smile, she said, “It was so easy. Can I do the next session?” We can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done.”

– Karen and Dan Cushing, parents

“What a great job you two have done in creating STRIVERS Running Club for Girls. The tools you are giving them will no doubt play a huge role in the success of their lives. I’m proud to be associated with you and your girls. It is a program that should be copied in order to reach out to more girls.”

– Travis Roy

“In all honesty, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough for offering this program and giving SO much of yourselves to transform the program into something so special, words don’t give it justice………you have to experience personally. Caroline tends to have a great outlook on life but this has given her true confidence that she can excel in a sport with hard work. Even her body image has improved because she believes she is healthy and strong by running so her body is the healthiest it can be! Driving home we had a nice conversation about autism because the children saw children with learning disabilities at the race – just so nice to continue a strong awareness for others all around us. C is so excited about the book club – loved the book. Take care and thanks lots from the bottom of my heart”

– Shelia DiPalma, mother of STRIVER Caroline DiPalma

“Great job yesterday! My husband and I also ran the race (our 1st official 5K) and I want to say that seeing the STRIVERS around me really helped to motivate me to keep going- I’m more of a “walker” so the run was a real challenge for me, but I did it. Seeing the transformations in Deirdre has really inspiried our entire family to start running too! It’s been great!”

– Caileen Horrigan, mother of STRIVER Deirdre Horrigan

“I have found a major benefit involving my daughter to train with the STRIVER coaches is knowing that the training is correctly structured in line with my child’s physical development. The qualified coaches not only ensure that my daughter follows correct training protocols and techniques, but they manage the key issues of balancing enthusiasm with regular training. I am so grateful that they helped my child develop a positive identity with running which I hope will carry through into adulthood.”

– Toni DiRuscio, STRIVER mom

“I’m thrilled that my daughter participated in STRIVERS Running Club for Girls. The program was comprehensive in teaching the girls proper running mechanics, stretching and nutrition. The book component and service project creates another level of involvement and connected the girls with a common objective. Best of all, the coaches found a way to bring out the best in each individual by having them set personal goals and encouraging them to have fun and feel great about themselves. What a wonderful message for my daughter to carry with her!”

– Michelle Parven, parent

“I loved STRIVERS! It was so much fun to run with my friends while also learning proper form. However, in the beginning, I wasn’t sure about myself and I kept thinking, How in the world can I run a 5k? But when my friend and I crossed that finish line last Sunday, I felt like I could do absolutely anything that I set my mind to.”

– Jane Parven, STRIVER