What do you STRIVE for?

What do you STRIVE for?

Our challenge to run five 5Ks each year

by April and Samantha

We both run five 5Ks each year. Even though it is a challenge we push on. We are 5th grade students at Wilson Middle school in Natick. We both like to have fun and can be really silly but sometimes we need to be serious, that’s why our running club calls us the “Dynamic Duo”. We got into running because our mums thought it was a good way to get exercise. We had no experience running before joining Strivers Running Club for Girls. This is our second year running and we love it! One day we want to run the Boston Marathon with each other.

We run with a group known as Strivers.  Running is one of our favorite sports, running is a strength we share.  The 5Ks we’ve done this year include the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundations 5K we ran in April.  Then we joined our running team for our fall mock 5K around Natick center. The Flutie 5K was our end of season race in October that raises funds to support people with Autism.  The hills on this race course make it our favorite so far! Then we did the Bills Pizzeria 5K that raises money to support the Travis Roy Foundation for people with spinal cord injuries.   Recently we ran the Katie Lynch 5K for people with disabilities. This foundation focuses on helping disabled people have an active life and helps them become the best they can be.  We plan to run a Turkey race on Thanksgiving and our last race of the season will be the Jingle Bell run with our families in Natick.

Strivers is an all girls running club, there is 3 different sessions in the spring, summer, and fall.  In Strivers we run and at the end we do relay races.   Ages range from 4th 5th  and 6th  grade.  Our motto is Striver Strong.  We also have an acronym for good running it is called LEAF  L: lean E: eyes A: arms F: feet.! To all our fellow runners out there, Strive On!!